Lewis is back in employment thanks to YMCA counselling.

Lewis is back in employment thanks to YMCA counselling.

Lewis recently split up with his long term girlfriend after becoming controlling and displaying verbally abusive behaviour towards her. As a result Lewis has had to move out from the home their shared and is currently sofa surfing at friend’s house as he is unable to return to the family home due to abuse. Feeling alone Lewis also lost his job and relied heavily on benefits.


Lewis referred himself via his GP to the YMCA Counselling service as he wanted to deal with his relationship issues so he could return to his girlfriend who he loved the most in the world. Through 8 1-2-1 sessions with our dedicated YMCA counsellor Lewis began to talk about his childhood and how it has affected him in the present. It was established that Lewis had learnt his behaviour through fear from his abusive father who controlled his mum. With techniques provided by the counsellor Lewis began to realise the behaviour was wrong and ways in which he could deal with his feelings of frustration in a relationship rather than being controlling and abusive towards his girlfriend.


Thanks to the YMCA Counselling Service Lewis is back in employment and off benefits. He has been able to secure his own home. Although Lewis is not back with his old girlfriend he has moved on into a new relationship and has become closer to his Mother who visits him on a regular basis.

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