Health & Fitness

It is our aim to create vibrant community gyms which cater for everyone, including those with disabilities. YMCA Health & Fitness has been in existence at the Cambridge YMCA for over two decades. Our fitness gym and exercise classes have welcomed members from all backgrounds, abilities, disabilities and groups.  This inclusive ethos has now been mirrored in Peterborough where there are regular gym sessions in partnership with DIAL Sport for the disabled and for those with long-term conditions.

You can find out more about our Gyms on the links below:

Cambridge Gym

The Cresset Peterborough Gym

Our Instructor Training has been running since 2001, providing exceptional student support and the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s best tutors and assessors. We offer a variety of health & fitness courses. Our courses provide individuals with the skills and confidence to become qualified instructors in a variety qualifications. Click here to find out more.