Mission, Values & Vision

Mission Statement – YMCA Cambridgeshire & Peterborough is a Christian Charity working to enable communities, families and especially Young People, to grow to their full potential by participating in a supportive and inclusive society, through all our projects, including housing, youth work and health and fitness.

Always working within its founding principles, the YMCA is not evangelising or religious in the delivery of its services.  Accordingly its Corporate Values are:

Belief in Potential

Ensuring our services have real positive impact on local people and communities and supporting the journey towards the realisation of full potential and greater independence

Being an organisation that continually develops by having well trained professional staff and volunteers, a robust business strategy with clear objectives and a clear Vision and Mission

Holistic Approach

Supporting and developing people in the best possible way, by looking at them as a whole, not in parts – mind, body and spirit

Always acknowledging the wider context of our clients – their family, their skills and talents, home environment and work with other agencies


Maintaining the very highest standards of service delivery, by a continual process of quality assessment and client and stakeholder feedback

Making sure staff are transparent and honest with clients, keeping them informed and respecting confidentiality, whilst always working in their best interests


Ensuring that respect and acceptance are at the heart of all our work

The YMCA has a bold and challenging vision and is working towards

  • The eradication of youth homelessness in Cambridgeshire
  • An opportunity for all Young People to engage in positive activity
  • Full social inclusion